Webinar | Landfill and pipeline methane monitoring - why drones perform better

During the webinar drone-based methane monitoring system's expert discuss the following topics:

1. Landfill and Pipeline CH4 monitoring
  - current approach
  - why drones perform better

2. Drone-based laser methane detector LMc
  - how it works.

3. Setup of the drone-based methane detecting system
  - why choosing DJI M600 platform
  - Real-time data and data logging
  - Airborne laser methane detector LMc

4. Flight planning with UgCS
  - for landfill monitoring (areal object)
  - for pipeline monitoring (linear object).


Demonstration of the drone-based methane (CH4) monitoring solution to detect methane leaks of "Connexus Baltic Grid" underground gas pipeline infrastructure.