Webinar | Radar/laser altimeter for DJI - fly very low in auto terrain following mode without crash

Many sensors, especially geophysical, like geo-radars, magnetometers, metal detectors, echo sounders - require flights with constant distance over the ground - sometimes at very low altitude.

SPH Engineering, the developer of UgCS and provider of drone-based solution for industrial inspections, started to work with geophysical sensors approx 3 years ago. At first, the sensor+drone integration stuck because of DJI's drone inability to use an external altimeter to measure the distance to the surface and keep constant AGL. This was the main trigger to develop our own terrain-following system for DJI drones.

Currently, the solution works with any drone which supports the DJI onboard SDK, i.e. M600/M600Pro, M210/M210V2, and drones with A3. In the nearest future, it is planned to support also DJI's M300.

What you will learn:

  • How terrain-following with radar (or laser) altimeter works (TTF-True terrain Following)
  • The setup of the integrated UAV system and UgCS
  • Comparison of radar and laser altimeters
  • How to simulated mission and workflow Q&A Discover