UgCS Custom Payload Monitor


Software to support various sensors connected to UgCS SkyHub on-board computer as well as special flight modes and functions:

  • True Terrain Following
  • Grasshopper
  • Obstacle avoidance.

Note that UgCS Custom Payload Monitor is an add-on software for UgCS PRO, UgCS EXPERT or UgCS ENTERPRISE, and requires a SkyHub onboard computer connected to the drone.

UgCS Custom Payload Monitor v.3.18 (release candidate)

Main changes v.3.18:

  • New SkyHub ROS-based SDK for third-party modules development
  • Improved Lightware SF-30/D altimeter support: reduced time lag, filtering support
  • Added support for Ainteins US-D1 altimeter
  • Automatically select altitude source depending on the aircraft simulation state for TTF and GH modes
  • Pulse delay value for Radsys Zond Aero LF GPR determined with Prism software can be used in SkyHub configuration as is
  • Echo sounders parameters are aligned with vendor’s manual: FREQUENCY_HZ becomes INTERVAL_S. Values must be changed from Hz to seconds.

UgCS Custom Payload Monitor v.3.17

UgCS GeoHammer

UgCS GeoHammer is a simple tool to quickly assess and pre-process GPR (ground penetrating radar) data.

GeoHammer is open source and free of charge.

UgCS Geotagger

UgCS-Geotagger is a simple post-processing tool to inject precise coordinates (latitude, longitude, and altitude) into data files for various sensors (magnetometers, GPR., etc.).

Geotagger is open source and free of charge.


Third-party software

Radar Systems Prism2

Prism2 is a full-blown but still easy-to-use software to process GPR data.

All purchasers of Radar Systems Zond GPR systems receive a license of Prism2 software free of charge.


Geolitix is a cloud platform for GPR data analysis that harnesses the power of cluster computing and machine learning to enable rapid, accurate data delivery for projects of any size.

Fully compatible with the data files generated by SPH Engineering’s integrated GPR systems.


SENSYS MAGNETO® is software for the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of measurement data from MagDrone R3 and MagDrone R4 magnetometers. It allows the calculation of the position and size of suspicious objects.

SENSYS MagDrone DataTool

The MagDrone Data Tool is software for pre-processing the measurement data of all MagDrone models and MagBase measurement systems.

All purchasers of MagDrone R3/R4 systems receive MagDrone Data tool license free of charge.

Seequent Oasis Montaj

Oasis Montaj is an extremely powerful data processing and interpretation software for all types of magnetometers and electromagnetic tools.

Eye4Software Hydromagic Survey

Hydromagic Survey is a professional hydrographic survey package, which can be used to map depth areas using an echo sounder.

Fully compatible with NMEA 0183 and SEG-Y files generated by SPH Engineering’s system with integrated echo sounders.


A useful tool for initial UgCS SkyHub setup allows to edit SkyHub configuration files and access to SkyHub internal storage.

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